Facilities Revitalization Drive!

DATE:  March 7, 2013     CATEGORIES:  Fundraising, Get Involved!, Infrastructure, Volunteering

Hi everyone!

Artisan’s Asylum has grown very large in a very short period of time, and, like any adolescent, we’re experiencing some growing pains. The demand for the use of our machinery (both from classes and member use) has outstripped our ability to stock, service, organize, and maintain our facilities as well as we’d like recently, and we’re now taking active steps to address the problem.

The first big step we’ve taken is that we’ve just hired a new facilities manager, by the name of Rob Masek. He starts on March 11th, and is geared up to assess the needs of our facility, clean up the shops and reorganize them so that they’re easy to use, repair and replenish their inventory, and start replacing existing hobby-grade equipment with new, higher-end, industrial-grade equipment that will withstand the beating from our hundreds of users, many of whom are beginners.

We’re putting a fundraiser together to provide Rob with an initial revitalization and refit budget for our facility. In the past, our volunteers and staff have had to do the best they can with minimal funding. Now that we know that the Asylum isn’t going anywhere, now that the community we are serving has become so large, and now that we have someone as a dedicated caretaker for the resources we put in place, let’s raise the funds we need to really whip the shops into shape! If you are willing to participate, please consider donating to our fundraising drive here:

Online fundraising for Facilities Revitalization Drive 2013

I also encourage you to share this drive with your social network; on average, our payment processor has found that every “share” of such events results in an additional $18 towards any given fundraiser.

We have general priorities for the money we’re raising now, though we’ll leave specifics to Rob. In order from highest to lowest priority, we’ll be focusing on: replenishing essential shop consumables, buying industrial versions of urgently-needed new tools (like an industrial planer and industrial sanders), improving light quality in our shops, adding electrical infrastructure to get extension cords off the ground, and improving dust collection and air quality in the space. We’re 100% focused on making our shops safe, robust, and as easy to use as possible.

Thank you for considering helping us revitalize our shops!