Dreaming of Mars

DATE:  October 2, 2019     CATEGORIES:  Blog

Northeastern students from the College of Science, the College of Engineering, and the Khoury College of Computer Sciences have been designing and building a rover that could work with astronauts on Mars.

The team will be entering the University Rover Challenge, for the first time this year. This competition, which includes 36 teams from 10 different countries, challenges university students to build rovers capable of picking up and delivering objects to astronauts, servicing equipment, navigating autonomously across rough terrain, and searching for life in samples they collect.

They are interested in building their rover in their own facilities at Northeastern, and bumped into the challenge of not having the necessary metalworking skills to move forward. Through a connection with one of our talented members, who had built an electric race car in our shops, the team reached out to Artisan’s Asylum, in need to acquire the technical skills necessary to build the remotely operated space rover.

We were very excited to hear about their project and even more excited to be able to help in this awe inspiring endeavor. We welcomed the team into our metal shop and tailored a private welding class for their team with our highly skilled and experienced metal worker Skunk.

We are wishing the Northeastern team the best of luck in the upcoming competition and we hope to serve as a resource for many more teams of creatives, makers, engineers, and scientists who come to us in search for assistance to materialize their visions and projects. We are fueled and motivated by our peers’ talent and entrepreneurism, and we will keep on dreaming of visiting the red planet one day, hoping we might have had a part in creating the remotely operated rovers to help us navigate and explore alien terrain!

To learn more about the Northeastern’s Rover team, visit this link.