December Classes! Come check out the Asylum

DATE:  November 25, 2012     CATEGORIES:  Current Classes

Hope everyone’s keeping warm as the weather turns bitter!

There are a number of classes we’ve been getting asked about a lot. We couldn’t bear to disappoint in the middle of the holidays, so instead of making you wait for next year, we’re running some of them in December! Check out the list below for 1-day or weekend offerings you may have been missing in electronics, computer-aided manufacturing, glassworking, and metalworking. There are even a few seats left in the youth sculptural metalworking class series starting this coming week!

If you want to learn more about these classes, the instructors, or the environment in which they work and teach, come by the Asylum next week for our Winter Open Studios event on Saturday, December 1. Our full roster of January classes will also be available for registration at the event.

[Our apologies to anyone who has had trouble purchasing tickets over the holiday weekend — we had a technical issue with our PayPal account that should be resolved. Please let us know if you have any difficulties signing up for classes.]

  • Soft Circuitry: Weekend Intensive, Saturday, December 8, 11am-5:30pm, and Sunday, December 9, 10am-4pm — In this exciting hands-on class, you will develop and execute a project that incorporates electronics into fabric! Gain skills in sewing, working with conductive materials, building electronic circuits, and programming microcontrollers, all while electrifying clothes, hangings, costume pieces, and more. Create effects ranging from something that lights up in an interesting pattern to something that responds to interactive input! Taught by Jimmie Rodgers and Carolyn Emberley.
  • CNC Art to Part, Sunday, December 16, 11:30am-2:30pm — In three hours, learn how to turn a 3D computer model into a network of interlocking flat shapes that can be cut out on an Asylum CNC router! Students will learn the use of 123Make, Inkscape, Draftsight, and CamBam. Taught by Judah Sher.
  • Tool Training: CNC Woodcutting Router, Sunday, December 9 or 16, 3:30-6:30pm — This three-hour training runs you through the basic operations of the CNC wood-cutting router. Each student will take the machine through an entire workflow cycle, from starting up and homing the machine to part removal and clean-up, leaving with a small product they made themselves. No software experience of any kind needed. Taught by Judah Sher.
  • Hot Glass: 1-Day Introduction, Sunday, December 9, 11am-5:30pm — Experience the thrill of sticking a rod of glass into an open flame and working the molten glass. This one-day workshop will be a hands-on introduction to flameworking with glass for those with little or no experience. Students will be able bring home a bead, pendant, marble, or small sculpture, made that day! Taught by Joanne Soroka.
  • Hot Glass Tool Training, 6:30-9:30pm Monday, December 17 — This is the intermediate step necessary for anyone looking to use the lampworking studio at Artisan’s Asylum. Students will review and demonstrate the safe handling of gas tanks, steel tools, brass tools, graphite tools, as well as general safety precautions pertaining to work in that space. Prior attendance in Hot Glass: 1-Day Introduction (or the equivalent with permission of the instructor) is required as a prerequisite. Taught by Mike Soroka.
  • Tool Training: Oxy-Acetylene Welding, Cutting, & Heating, Thursday, December 16, 7-10pm — The oxy-acetylene (O/A) rig is arguably the most versatile, potentially dangerous, and misunderstood piece of equipment in any metal shop. This one-shot class will demonstrate welding, cutting, brazing, and heating, and teach you how to set up, operate, and shut down an oxy-acetylene rig without harming yourself, other Asylumers, or the equipment. Taught by Paul Carson.
  • Sculptural Metalworking: Youth Edition! Thursdays, 1-4pm, November 29 – December 20 (Tuesday session also available)– Ecco’s popular metal sculpture class returns, this time for kids! This class is intended to be an introduction to sculptural metalworking techniques, featuring MIG welders, spot welders, and cold forming. Students will learn how to express themselves artistically through steel. Ideal for homeschoolers between the ages of 12 and 16. Taught by Ecco Pierce.