Check Out This Fall’s Innovative, Online Programs for Teens at Artisan’s Asylum

DATE:  August 24, 2020     CATEGORIES:  Classes, News

Sierra (left) participated in this summer’s Mission Control program, engaging with the instructors and other students through the Zoom platform. Students used their materials kit to create a robotic arm (right).

Building on 10 years of experience in the life-long learning space, we launched into teen programming this summer with amazing success. Envision groups of teens collaboratively working together on tech and engineering projects in our virtual classroom. What we found was teens from all over the country were eager to engage in hands-on learning and collaborate through live video sessions. 

Mission Control students used
Microsoft Makecode to program
their robots.

With afterschool programs and sports canceled, teens have fewer opportunities to engage in exciting, collaborative programming that awakens their creative spirit. At Artisan’s Asylum, collaborative learning happens organically and naturally, which is why we’ve decided to continue our online teen programming into the Fall—expanding the successful, core learning models of our summer program for teens ages 11–15. 

We will be offering week-long sessions designed around specific themes that emphasize the ART in STEAM. Each program will run on a weekly basis either three days a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) or five days a week (Monday–Friday) from 3:30–5 p.m. Every week will offer a new project or session that builds on previous weeks.

Join us for a fun, afterschool program and experience all STEAM can offer through our integrated arts and technology programming. Visit our Youth 2020 website now to learn more and enroll your student!

Since the pandemic began, we have worked to keep people engaged creatively in making. Naturally, this goal led us to think about what students are experiencing: online school, limited to no social interaction, stuck at home with screens. 

These weekly online programs tackle topics like
art and activism, technology and more.

Between the ages of 11–15, it’s vital for kids to engage in innovative thinking and collaboration. At this age, they’re intellectually curious and think about their learning journey like students. They don’t have to worry about college just yet or what experiences they should create to look good on an application. They can be fully immersed in programs designed for them to learn how to innovate and create. This is also the right age for kids to learn to code and how they can peel back layers in programs, like SCRATCH and Makecode, understanding the complexity of how coding truly happens. 

It’s also a tough age, and the right and wrong experiences can put teens on a path toward success at school or dropping out. 

At Artisan’s Asylum, we want kids to stay engaged. We want kids to have hands-on experiences and to collaborate with other teens their age and learn together. Our Youth 2020 programs are designed to provide high-quality, online education that encourages teens to think outside the box by integrating arts and technology and provide them with important skills they can use in the future.

Our teen programs are designed for ages 11–15. Learn more about our Youth 2020 programs at

Reimagining Your Home: A Photo Montage/Collage Unit
9/14–9/18, Monday–Friday from 3:30–5 PM

Exploring “Yes, And” in Creative Storytelling
9/21–9/25, Monday-Friday from 3:30–5 PM

Get On My Level: Exploring the Relationship Between 2D & 3D
9/23–10/9, Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 3:30–5 PM

Art & Activism: Using Your Illustrative Voice
10/5–10/8, Monday–Thursday from 3:30–5 PM