Become A Front Desk Volunteer!

DATE:  April 4, 2014     CATEGORIES:  Blog, Get Involved!, Volunteering

Artisan’s Asylum is looking to add to our corps of Front Desk Volunteers! It’s an awesomely unique role in our community.

Interested in helping out? Complete our online application form here. Applications will be accepted until 11:59pm EDT on Monday, April 7th.

Here’s the gist of what goes on and what you’ll be asked to do in this role:

Front Desk Volunteers are the Asylum’s front line greeters, our first impression for visitors and the curious, potential donors, the press, new students, and prospective members, and the first resource for existing members looking for help. It’s a very social job — if you like interacting with our community of makers and want to help out, you’ll probably enjoy this position! Much of your shifts will be spent finding information or solutions for members and orienting new members, as well as handling sales and door access and helping with paperwork.

Critical skills:

  • Excellent communication: you’ll need to be able to answer questions from members, students, and curious visitors, in person, by phone, and by email, in a friendly and professional manner.
  • You’ll need the ability to triage when it becomes busy, and to direct queries you can’t answer to the appropriate staff or volunteers.
  • You’ll need to be comfortable handling business transactions (student registrations, credit card transactions, etc).
  • Basic computer skills are key. You don’t need to be a code monkey, but you need to be able to learn new computer applications quickly (spreadsheets/word processing, QuickBooks, wiki editing, and others).
  • Since we’re a small organization that has grown a lot recently, this role also includes occasionally doing mundane things like refilling soap dispensers or taking out the trash.

In essence, Front Desk Volunteers should have a good sense of humor and a little resilience for when things get odd (we’re a maker community – it’s going to be strange some of the time), along with basic customer service skills and willingness to help out members and visitors.

Front Desk Volunteers can earn discounts on Asylum membership and tool trainings once they have finished desk training and have demonstrated a commitment to working regular shifts.

If you have additional questions about volunteering for the front desk, feel free to drop by during Artisan’s Asylum staffed hours and talk to one of our current volunteers (12pm-10pm M-Th, 10am-6pm F-Su).

We look forward to hearing from you!