Asylum News: Hovercraft Design Competition, Computer Lab Fundraiser, and 3D Printer!

DATE:  January 23, 2012     CATEGORIES:  Events, Fundraising, Infrastructure, Mechanical Design, News, Programming, Robotics

Hovercraft Design Challenge Public Competition: this Sunday, January 29, 7:30pm

Come join the Artisan’s Asylum community for the public contest of our first ever Design Challenge! In this event, six teams will put their 48-hour Hovercraft creations to the test, pitting their final projects against each other in a race to the finish line on a planned course. Entries will be disqualified for violating any of the terms of the project or for unsafe building or competing practices; winners will get public glory, gift certificates to the Asylum, and prominent display for their project in our facility. Whether you want to cheer on your ‘home team’, seek out promising designers and engineers, or just feel your blood race with the excitement of the contest, come watch the bout!

Computer Lab Fundraiser:

Artisan’s Asylum and CEMMI (the Collaborative Electronics Mixed Media Institute) are teaming up to raise money for hardware and software to fit out a high-quality, community-access computer lab in the Artisan’s Asylum classroom. We’ve raised $4,500 so far, and are looking to raise as much more to get a lab outfitted with professional licenses of photo, video, sound, and 3D modeling applications that we will soon both teach the use of and offer for public consumption.

Both Artisan’s Asylum and CEMMI are non-profit organizations, and your donation is tax deductible. Both of us also happen to be strapped for cash; CEMMI because they’re new and upcoming, and the Asylum because we are still paying for the $100,000+ buildout in our new space. Neither of us can afford to fund new equipment and infrastructure outright, so we are reach out to the community for help.

We would really appreciate it if you could take a moment to donate some small amount (every bit will help!) towards getting this lab up and running. It will enable a whole new type of digital craft and design at the Asylum; even if you don’t take advantage of it, people you know will!

To donate to the Computer Lab Fund, follow this link!

3D Printer:

We’re overjoyed to announce that our uPrint 3D printer is set to arrive on Wednesday! We have a loaner machine set up now (and printing parts), which runs the same software as the real printer but has a slightly smaller build volume.

We will be able to print commissioned parts, for the cost of materials plus commission. If you’re interested in operating the 3D printer yourself as an Asylum member, however, you will need to sign up for the 3D printer tool training, available here: (There will be a consumables cost for members’ use of the printer, but it will be discounted from the commissioned rate.)

Please note that the 3D Printer Tool Training DOES NOT cover how to create the 3D models that the printer makes – you must supply your own *.STL files from a 3D modeling program of your choice. If you’re interested in learning how to create the 3D models that the printer needs, check out the Autodesk 123D class Gui is teaching in February/March: