Artists-in-Residence Gearing Up for SomerFUN!

DATE:  June 3, 2011     CATEGORIES:  Somerville Media Center Partnership

Breaking news! Our SomerFUN artists-in-residence are making incredible interactive art! Read on to catch a glimpse of what you’ll see next Saturday in Union Square at SomerFUN: A Romp For Independents

OddiTea by Sage Kochavi
is the result of the ongoing pursuit for the perfect cup of tea. Fed up with the inability of an establishment to provide all of the tea accoutrement, Sage seeks to serve proper tea in the unlikeliest of places. OddiTea is a mobile, rolling tea pavilion from which she can make and served tea to guests. It is meant to be an intimate interaction, the kind where the anonymity of strangers fosters the deeper revelatory communication of the soul. It is not a vending cart: guests will sit and sip and share in this ancient ceremony. There will be many tea selections and fitting flavors will be matched to the company present. Tea leaf readings will also be available and stepping out of default personal interaction will be encouraged.

The Web by Bevan Weissman
The Web
is a wooden structure supporting a network of cargo net hammocks of different sizes on multiple tiers and levels. Tapping into our innate desires to climb and reach new heights, this urban playscape encourages people to ascend, rest, socialize, and take in their environment from a new perspective.

The Web

In addition to providing an infusion of encouragement to play and explore, The Web eliminates the loneliness of a typical hammock.  Its multiple levels promote new kinds of interaction from different heights; its oversized resting surfaces let multiple people inhabit a space that could previously support only an individual.

People bring this piece to life by interacting with it, and in return it gives them a comfortable place to play, new experiences with new people, and a different insight on their trappings.