ArtisansXResidency Begins

DATE:  December 4, 2020     CATEGORIES:  Somerville Media Center Partnership

Artisans Holton Street Annex in Lower Allston provides artists with space to spread out during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Artisans Asylum, a 42,000 SF fabrication wonderland in Somerville, has opened an outreach center in Allston-Brighton. The purpose of the site is to build connections between the Asylum and artists and artist support organizations in Allston Brighton as we prepare to relocate to the community in the fall of 2021.

Between now and June 2021, the Asylum will provide 500 SF of space to accelerate creative projects that need room to spread out during a time of social isolation. The residency program provides space to an artist to work unfettered for 30 days, with the expectation that an artist or collaborative project can make meaningful progress on a piece of work during that time. All residencies are asked to document their work and present their work in a final exhibition and talk, hosted on-site and online.


  • Support artists
  • Get to know Allston-Brighton artists
  • Generate work that might not otherwise get made
  • Host a virtual exhibit and/or distanced showing at completion (TBD)

The Offer

  • 500 SF open work space
  • 30 days for project completion, start to finish
  • Access to the Artisan’s Asylum community and tools in Somerville
  • 24 hour working access
  • Documentation and promotional support
  • Power, heat, lighting, etc


  • Must be an Allston-Brighton resident, or working in collaboration with one
  • Artisans provides space only ie no tools,  budget etc
  • Work within the confines of the designated 500 SF
  • Flexibly accommodate the occasional visitor, or class such as figure drawing

Please send 1) a one to two page write-up; 2) links or photo attachments; and 3) a CV or resume. In your write up please include:

  • A description of the work you will complete during your creative residency;
  • The materials you’ll use and any tools that need to be brought on site for use;
  • A proposal for how you’d like to present your work to the public at completion;
  • How you can help us connect in the Allston-Brighton arts community;
  • And of course, anything else you’d like to tell us about yourself!

Send your application ATTN: Artisans Residency