Artisan’s to Allston

Help Us Build 25 More Years of Incredible Community Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Image courtesy of Analogue Studio

Can we build Boston’s most vibrant and inclusive refuge for makers and creatives? Yes, we can! Join us over the next 16 months us as we embark upon an exciting journey from Somerville to Boston.

With up-front support from Berkeley Investments, Artisan’s Asylum is $715,000 away from securing our future in a new location for the next 25 years. When our plans are complete, Artisan’s Asylum will manage a significant expansion of light industrial real estate in Allston-Brighton, at the heart of one of the most exciting emerging creative communities in Boston.

As Artisan’s Asylum prepares to celebrate 10 years of making, we are poised for renewal and growth.

Artisan’s has developed an exciting 4-year expansion plan to create a maker campus in a Harvard-owned property in the heart of Allston-Brighton. Our first milestone is to raise $150,000 toward a $715,000 funding need for our fit-up and move. Thanks to generous members, we have $30,000 in matching pledges, doubling the impact of your gift through Thanksgiving.


Key features of our plans are to have:

… and to provide the space for you to bring your dreams.