Artisan’s, Discovery and The Search for A New Home

DATE:  November 12, 2019     CATEGORIES:  Somerville Media Center Partnership

On Wednesday, October 30 about 40 Inmates gathered to participate in a discussion and programming exercise facilitated by Analogue Studio. The purpose of the activity was to begin clarifying our needs and priorities for a new home. The heart of the exercise was a programming activity for 50,000SF, identifying ways to allocate space to key areas of improvement and growth for the Asylum.

Several take-aways from the discussion include:

  • All shops need to grow, with some (woodshop and metal for example) benefitting from a doubling or tripling in size.
  • Increased build space is seen as critical to being able to bring more exciting and audacious projects to life.
  • Flexible workspace – nearly a coworking offering – could capture a new market and expand value for existing members.
  • Increased classroom and instructional capacity is seen as essential – including redundant equipment lines in some spaces.

Next steps will be to get an analysis of growth impact on key business lines such as studios, classrooms, workshops, and admin spaces. We expect to wrap the process with a customizable template for a vibrant space that can be applied to almost any 50,000SF volume.

Big thanks to our friends at Analogue Studio for their support in this process. We’re glad to be working with Cushman & Wakefield to carry out our search.