DATE:  March 16, 2020     CATEGORIES:  Blog, Community, News

We are all seeing the Coronavirus/COVID-19 situation evolve around us at a rapid pace. As extended members of our cherished Artisan’s community, we want to ensure that you have the latest information about our status, the actions we have taken, and our planning for the future.

At present, Artisan’s remains open to our members. We are tracking daily activity throughout our 42,000sf. environment. At present 24-hour visitations remain between 45 and 65 persons, with peak visitations (~30 people) between 9AM and Noon, and 2PM and 5PM. We continue to ask members to observe social distancing practices; we are carrying out precautionary cleaning measures as well, to ensure that common work areas are wiped down. And we are promoting regular hand washing. Anyone presenting flu-like symptoms is asked to keep out of the Asylum until further notice.

Per the CDC’s latest guidelines on public meetings, and Governor Charlie Baker’s order on public gatherings, Artisan’s has canceled all events of 25 or more people. We are evaluating our scheduled classes and testing appointments on a case-by-case basis. We do not have a blanket cancelation policy at this time.

Here are a few ways that you can support us through these difficult times:

Sign up for classes. Our education income essential to our financial health and to the livelihood support of our instructors. If a class is canceled, it will be rescheduled and a credit applied to your account. Learn more here

Purchase a gift certificate. Gift certificates can be used any time, for membership as well as our classes. It is a great way to support our cashflow requirements without committing to engagement during these uncertain times.

For existing and prospective students, please note:
  • • If you wish to voluntarily withdraw from any class, Artisan’s will provide you with a credit equal to the class value
  • • All classes over 10 students have been canceled indefinitely; this includes corporate outings and retreats
  • • Classes under 10 in our large workshops (jewelry, wood shop, metal shop etc) are being offered at the discretion of our instructors through April 6, 2020
  • • Classes in small spaces (casting, laser shop) are limited to 3 students and will be offered at the discretion of our instructors
  • • In-progress classes will continue as scheduled, unless cancelation is requested by the instructor
  • • Private classes will continue at the discretion of instructors
  • • Any further class cancelations are at the discretion of our instructors, on a case by case basis
  • • Enrolled students will receive notice directly from an instructor if your class has been canceled or rescheduled
  • • Any student enrolled in a canceled class will be eligible for a credit equal to the class value
  • • Extra time will be taken during classes to wipe down work surfaces and tools before and after you use them
  • • You will be asked to take extra class time to disinfect your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) before and after use

Thank you for your understanding of the inconvenience and uncertainty implicit in our mitigation plans through April 6, 2020. We expect to have another update to our community before April.

In closing, know that many Artisan’s members are rallying around ways to be of service to communities and populations impacted most deeply by Coronavirus. These include a DIY ventilator project and an open design, distributed production face mask. With our friends at Fab@CIC we are looking to host a series of Zoom meetings with fellow maker space communities to understand how they are responding to the range of local and global needs.

Drop us a line to outreach@artisansasylum.com if you have ideas about service projects and maker spaces we should connect with. In the meantime, thank you for your attention, your time, and your support. Please keep safe, healthy, and active in the coming days and weeks.