Artisan's Asylum & DigBoston Public Art Project Hits the Streets!

DATE:  March 1, 2012     CATEGORIES:  News, Past Events

The Asylum Dig boxes have been deployed! For those not yet aware: Artisan’s Asylum has partnered with DigBoston, our beloved local free paper and online media outlet, to bring a little more art and whimsy to the streets of the greater Boston area. Every couple of months, five broken-down Dig boxes get delivered to the Asylum. Each is assigned to a different artist, who cleans and repairs the box and then transforms it into a work of art. The boxes then get returned to the streets to entertain and amaze passers-by and deliver DigBoston papers to the hands of the public.

On February 12th the first round of finished boxes was unveiled to great acclaim. You can see interviews with the 5 artists — Cat Tweedie-Ball, Inky Stainsworth, Khrysti Smyth, Laurie Z, and Max Papas — in the video below, courtesy of DigBoston.com. Click here to check out the DigBoston blog coverage of the ongoing project! Includes photos of the finished boxes, a map of all of their locations, and little bios of the 5 artists in the next round: Cat Mead, Ecco Pierce, Karen Christians, Jeremiah Hill, and Sasha Albert. Keep your eyes out for further developments as the artists get to work!

Pimp My Box: Episode 1 from Democratic Jungle on Vimeo.