Artisan’s Asylum at the BCM Mini Maker Faire!

DATE:  October 10, 2018     CATEGORIES:  Blog, Community, Events

This past weekend on October 6th and 7th, Artisan’s Asylum had a large presence at the Mini Maker Faire at the Boston Children’s Museum! See photos here.Here is a summary of our members and exhibitors:

Ariel Matisse -Wire wrapping art activity

Mike Beach – Electronics & Robotics

Rick Rosati – Raspberry-Pi based talking, “seeing” robot

Rebecca Knepple – Digital Fabrication

Jason Keuhl – MassDestruction

Mike Thomas – Recycled Plastic Art

Mac Pierce – Everything but the Kitchen Sink

SCUL – Interactive bikes

Tom Balazs – The Human Human Interface

Doug RuuskaRayactivation

Richard Driver (UV2IR) – Life-size dinosaur robots`

Mike Hubert – Baby Safety Snap

See photos here.