Artisan’s Asylum and Empow Studios Unite to offer “Maker Innovation Summer Academy”

DATE:  December 17, 2019     CATEGORIES:  Classes, Education

Design, Build, Dream: From Concept to Product


Empow Studios and Artisan’s Asylum, centers of STEM/STEAM innovation in learning across the greater Boston communities, have joined together to bring Maker Innovation Summer Academy to Somerville, MA, in summer 2020, and to young folks aged 11 through 15 who are interested in enriching their experiences in designing, engineering, collaboration, and creativity.  Artisan’s Asylum and Empow maintain a shared philosophy in providing opportunities for young students to apply scientific and engineering concepts to hands-on, project-based learning.

Artisan’s is excited to bring young makers into our space to design, prototype, build and create with the help of Empow Studio’s instructional staff. We have tapped three of our Artisan’s community members to act as mentors to work with each group as they go from concept to final product during their two-week experience.

Working together, Artisan’s and Empow’s Summer Academy will offer three principal programs that begin July 2020. Each two-week session is designed to accentuate vital 21st-century skills in an engaging, hands-on experience. “Smart Fabrics and Wearable Tech” (running from July 13 through July 24) focuses on how technology can be integrated into things you wear or carry every day; students will ultimately create garments that include wearable tech and explore programming elements that can be added to various accessories.  In “Designing a Micro-Space Tiny Home” (running July 27 through August 7), students will examine the tiny space phenomenon for urban centers and how to maximize space and functionality; they’ll then design, prototype and build out a micro-space that fulfills the needs of a client through clever engineering, modular building, and smart design. “Build a Community-Powered Wheelchair” (running from August 10 through August 21) dives into micro-mobility and transportation concepts and issues, especially in regards to people with special physical needs; students will design and prototype personal transportation vehicles that address multiple needs of a given user, capping the session with the full-scale construction of a selected model.

Look for these exciting projects happening at Artisan’s Asylum this summer!