They are Multiplying! Cambridge Arts Council Art Share 2016

DATE:  September 29, 2016     CATEGORIES:  Blog

Melissa Glick Art Share

by Melissa Glick

You may have noticed the collection of work on my display wall has changed, or that there is something peculiar with the work I’ve been posting on Facebook and Instagram. It’s because I am making fifty one of a kind, original creations that combine old clock parts with out-dated computer parts that have been disassembled down to an unrecognizable state as part of the Cambridge Arts Council‘s first Art Share program.

Art Share is a nation-wide program. The public is invited to order a “share” — like a farm share where you receive a box of vegetables but don’t know what you are going to get– but instead you receive works by nine different artists. You can see examples of the artists’ past works and read updates on their progress on the Art Share website. Examples of the work to be included in the shares are currently on display at Cambridge Community TV.

I am really happy to be part of the program. In addition to attending workshops and meeting a cohort of colleagues, I am learning a lot about producing a marketable product. Unfortunately, instead of being relieved at reaching the half way point, I am a little frantic because I now know exactly how much more work I still have to do. My biggest motivation is wanting to see all fifty displayed around my space (#10) at the Artisan’s Asylum.

The impact of seeing them all together is exciting. Repetition is one of the elements in my compositions, along with contrast & layering to create interesting shapes in the spaces between the parts. Each piece in my Art Share includes following characteristics: approximately 5″ x 7″ black & gold thrift store frame, black & white op art or other geometrical pattern in the background, an old watch face & black, white & silver computer parts. It’s one thing to think about a project – and a whole other to actually see the inexhaustible ways I can combine the elements.

So if you see me hard at work, feel free to check out my progress and offer some encouragement, I’d really appreciate it! Come mid-November when this challenge is behind me, I will be hosting a big Cocktail Hour in celebration!

Melissa Glick is an artist based in Cambridge and Somerville. You can learn more about her work, made primarily from old computer parts at her website and on her Etsy page. Melissa also teaches a monthly Hacker Creations workshop at the Artisans Asylum. Contact her for more information on her classes.