An Interview with Derek Seabury

DATE:  April 12, 2016     CATEGORIES:  Blog, News

An Interview with Derek Seabury
by: Timothea Pham

As Artisan’s Asylum continues to grow in recognition on a mass scale, we cannot forget its humble beginnings and loyalty to fostering a sense of community and empowerment. The following is a brief interview with President and Executive Director, Derek Seabury.

What attracted you to the space?
“I have always wanted to know how things work, but also to see the amazing ways people combine techniques and technologies old and new to explore something new and innovative.”

According to Derek, he came to the Asylum with a passion for engineering and empowering. From his growing familiarity with the tools, classes, and members, came a desire to serve the Artisan’s Asylum community. He started off as a volunteer, then gradually took a role leading the Circuit Hacking night. Eventually, he found himself teaching, and loving it.

What are some of the most unique and outstanding aspects of the space?
“Definitely, the Artisan’s Asylum community sets it apart from anyplace I know. Member’s commitment to teach and learn encourages partnerships and collaborations. The shared drive to create is the foundation of a supportive, trusting community that supports each other in work and beyond.”

At the Asylum, you have a list of tools and a group of individuals who are willing to work together and help each other out. It’s the way people work together that is truly incredible. Let’s take the Casting Area for example. You witness jewelers pairing up with engineers and machinists. These different people join forces in order to put forth a plan that would prove the viability of a space and process.<br>
Another aspect of Derek’s life is characterized by his involvement in building the Asylasaur laser cutter. According to him, this was a community project. He worked with a group of members to build the Asylum a new laser cutter, one that would be unique and original to the space. Ultimately, it was the people of the community and the members of this project who fostered a strong sense of inspiration for Derek.

What are you excited for? How do you want to see the Asylum grow?
“I personally get most excited to see the boundaries between traditional mediums blurred with jewelers 3D printing and laser cutting, wood workers exploring CNC routing or poured metal joints, engineers in figure drawing class and sculptors programming lighting with Arduinos. It’s hard to promise things, but we are looking forward to a new lab space that could enable a wide range of glass work and cutting edge neon and plasma art.”

After the success of neon artist Wayne Strattman’s “carbon tree” demonstration in the social area, neon and plasma light working has created excitement and buzz around the new possibility of creating a new platform of innovation to the space.
Other than hoping for the growth and success of the Asylum, Derek plans on there being more fundraising, outreach, and community building. As the number of possibilities grow, we are constantly looking for new and impactful ways of spreading the word about the Artisan’s Asylum community!