An Interstellar Thank You!

DATE:  October 2, 2019     CATEGORIES:  Somerville Media Center Partnership

Artisan’s Asylum would like to send a bit thank you to everyone involved in bringing Alien Adornment together.

We were so honored to have Maggie at our maker space, and we learned so much from listening to her stories of over five decades as a prop and jewelry maker for film and television.

First of all we would like to thank Maggie for her generosity, in particular, for donating unique items from her collection that were auctioned for the benefit of A2. Secondly the planning committee that worked tirelessly to bring this event together: Karen Christians and Lars Torres, Liz Lamanche, Julia Cseko, Margaret Demille, Jeremy Alliger, Jacob LaRoca, Sal Mancini, Jesa Damora, Michael Shia and Esther Hong.

Finally we would like to give a big warm thank you and a round of applause to our members and volunteers who were the glue holding us together! You are amazing, kind, caring, and we could have not done this without you: Irene Ferri, Andrew Anselmo, Marion & Dave Britt Lepzelter, Patrick Farley, Debby Somer, Agent Judy, Matt Pacewicz, Abigail Lipson, Leanne Cushings and Jen Laponte.

We are also incredibly grateful to everyone that came out to celebrate Maggie’s work with us, and who kindly made a contribution.

Last but not least, we would like to acknowledge our sponsors!