An epic day! SomerStreets and more

DATE:  October 28, 2010     CATEGORIES:  Events, Fundraising, Infrastructure, News

For those who don’t know, Sunday was epic, possibly the biggest day in our history so far.

We stopped a parade. It stopped to watch us carve pumpkins with chainsaws. City officials said they want us back next year, and said we can probably do snow forts in the winter and they’ll get us earth-moving equipment to do it with.

Hilljack and Gui carve pumpkins with a sawzall and chainsaw.

Hilljack and Gui, armed with a sawzall and a chainsaw, vs. very large pumpkins. Photo by Sam Gerstein.

Fox News took footage of us, but does not appear to have used it on the 11 o’clock news; I guess it wasn’t a slow news day.

Skunk carving a pumpkin with a chainsaw

Skunk carving a pumpkin with a chainsaw. Photo by Carlos Rodriguez.

We were featured in the Sunday Globe Magazine, full-page spread, first article after the letters column (page 9, but the first pages are ads and table of contents, we’re basically the first thing someone leafing through would come to).

We received a $12,000 gift from the Tell Foundation to pay for our insulation and heater repair costs. All hail Aaron’s mad fund-raising skills!

This gift is for infrastructure only, we do still have to pay the heating bills, so keep those donations coming, please. (They are, by the way, tax deductible).