An Artisan’s Guide to Arisia

DATE:  January 12, 2017     CATEGORIES:  Blog

by Esther Rahel

Arisia logo

Every year in January, people gather at the Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel for what is described as “New England’s largest, most diverse sci-fi and fantasy convention.” Some of the people attending Arisia this coming weekend will be Artisan’s Asylum members. At past Arisias, our members have taught workshops, appeared on panels, and performed.

I started going to Arisia because of the geeky belly dance show. I remember my first year being a little lonely as I navigated the con on my own before I met up with my friends at the show. However, in between my first and second Arisia, I found the Artisan’s Asylum and became a front desk volunteer and member with studio space. I went to my second Arisia on my own, but I didn’t feel lonely. I kept running into people I knew from the Artisan’s Asylum. I remember having a conversation with another member about our con experience on an escalator– as he was going up and I was going down. Being at Artisan’s also empowered me to make my own costume– the year before, I bought something off the internet, but for the second year, I challenged myself to make the dance top and headdress for my Troll 2 performance. To this day, I think that costume was the best I ever made. This year, I knew I wouldn’t have the time to make a costume, but it didn’t occur to me buy something off the internet like I did my first year. I commissioned a friend to make the costume for me. When I asked her fee, she just asked me to make a piece of custom jewelry.

Troll 2 Belly Dance

The author in her Troll 2 costume at the 2015 Geeky Belly Dance Show at Arisia. Photo by Vander Photography

Below are a list of panels, workshops, and events that our members, instructors, and students are participating in this weekend as moderators, teachers, panelists, and performers:

Sound 101– Friday 4:30 PM
Friday Night Yoga– Friday 6:30 PM
This is How It Ends: Risks to Our Civilization– Friday 7 PM
Teasecraft Kinky Maker Meetup: Meet & Greet Friday 8:30 PM
The Intersection of Art and Science– Saturday 10 AM
Geeky Belly Dance– Saturday 7:00 PM
Materials Safety for the Artist– Saturday 8:30 PM
Consulting & Contracting: How To Make (For) Money– Saturday 10 PM
Mechanical Design Basics– Sunday 4 PM
Masquerade– Sunday 8 PM