A forever home for Artisan’s Asylum

DATE:  July 22, 2015     CATEGORIES:  Get Involved!, Infrastructure, News

UPDATE: We found out on July 29th that the MarKa LLC proposal was selected.

Although our proposal was not chosen, we are excited by the energy and support we received during the proposal process. As we continue to build the future of Artisan’s Asylum, we hope you will consider joining our extended community of supporters.


The Artisan’s Asylum is excited to announce that we have worked with urban revitalization specialists Trinity Financial to submit a bid for the Powder House Community School property being sold by the City of Somerville!

We were invited to the second round of interviews with the City about the space and will hope to find out soon that we have been selected.


In our proposal we would move to a brand new facility built to our specification including a large atrium for display of large work and our doors would open out into a new public park.

In addition to our new space the building would include 8 Live/Work/Sell studio loft spaces opening onto Broadway.


The PHCS proposal is a rare opportunity for us to acquire a home based on the feedback of our Somerville friends and neighbors rather than having to compete to be the top bidder.  We feel this is a special chance to ensure we will be able to make creativity a part of the lives of the people of Somerville for years to come.

If you think bringing the Artisan’s Asylum to Teele Square is a great opportunity for Somerville please let the city know by writing or emailing:

Angela Allen
Purchasing Director
City Hall
93 Highland Avenue
Somerville, MA 02143