DATE:  April 1, 2020     CATEGORIES:  COVID-19

Artisan’s Asylum has joined with local partners and fellow makers spaces working together to share information and resources on designing, testing and producing PPE to supply medical teams and first responders. This community-powered effort to contribute to the COVID-19 response is revolutionary. At a time when local governments are unable to secure PPE through traditional purchasing, the innovation happening at a rapid speed at Artisan’s and makerspaces around the country is something that has never happened before.

Julia Hansen, manager at Fab@CIC, says that as soon as the coronavirus and possible PPE shortage came to the forefront, makers spaces began reaching out to each other, sharing tips on PPE production processes and more. The groups are also coordinating their outreach to local-area hospitals. 

Although many of the pieces are still coming together, she says there’s the potential for this network of makers spaces to form a PPE production line based on each space’s capacities and provide distribution throughout the area. “It’s been really inspiring, because folks who haven’t met each other before are coordinating daily and aligning our operations to have the maximum impact,” Julia says.

For more information about the Artisan’s Asylum’s community-powered effort to contribute to the COVID-19 response in partnership with local allies in Boston and around the world, visit the team’s documentation here.

As the COVID-19 outbreak moves through the greater Boston area, our coalition of independent fabricators, innovators and volunteers will keep working to produce PPE, with insight from and in coordination with our partners. At this critical time, our members and local residents want to help and ensure the safety and future of our community.