Meet Your Maker: 1-Minute Intros

Ecco Has Glowy Steel Horns
Ecco spends a minute talking about one of her current lines of creation, a wearable steel framed EL wire glowing horn. See more at her Etsy store.
Travis Moonschein: Metal-Bender
Travis shares his beautiful boar’s head bust and talks about his technique. Travis is currently building a mini gallery to showcase his work at the Asylum!
Tom Restores A Big Microscope
Tom Sanfilippo had one day to decide if he wanted a Scanning Electron Microscope from Harvard… and he said yes! He has been restoring it for the past few months and will be offering classes on it soon.
Jess & Rob: Robots And Science!
Jess Muise and Rob Masek talk up the upcoming Asylum events for the weekend of April 25- 27, while fighting to the death robot style in a robot death match cage!
Gretchen & Jacob On Their Robot
K. Gretchen Greene and Jacob LaRocca talk about their devious robot plans for the autonomous robot showdown at this year’s Cambridge Science Festival.
Paul Teaches Students And Robots
Paul Kassebaum, Ph.D, is one of the organizers of the Autonomous Fighting Robot Competition. He teaches students how to make robots think using software from MathWorks, a featured sponsor.
Rob Talks Robot Apocalypse
Rob Masek, Artisan’s Asylum Facilities Manager, talks about the upcoming robot apocalypse he is ushering in.
Aliza Has A Purpose
Aliza Vaida believes artists should be at the forefront of environmental issues. She reclaims materials and makes large sculptures, including one that even lights up. Aliza also paints. More of her work at http://www.alizavaida.com.
Skunk Welds Toys And Sculptures
Known to many as the leader of local biker gang SCUL, Skunk of Skunkadelia makes expertly TIG-welded toys and sculpture from up-cycled steel.
Where Do Lasers Come From, Jess?
Jess Muise, Member Services Manager, shares the hard numbers and moving moments of the open house at the Asylum for the Cambridge Science Festival.
Dille’s Furniture Is Curvy
Dille Thomas makes sexy furniture. Curvy, graceful, and gorgeous. Is it furniture or is it art? Where does one draw the line? See more of his work here
Derek Is Excited About LASERS!
Derek Seabury is responsible for bringing lasers back into the Artisan’s Asylum, and we will always appreciate him for this. Derek organized the building o this laser cutter with the Asylum’s community. And now it’s ready for use! Hooray Derek!
Alex Likes Knives And Leather
Alexander John Henry Phillips, the Artisan’s Asylum’s resident Australian, has quite a few favorite things in this world… two of them being knives and leather. Alex decided to combine the two.
Paul On Oxy-Acetylene Welding
Paul Carson is one of the great teachers we have here at Artisan’s Asylum. Paul is an instructor for several classes and in this video he talks about the Oxy-Acetylene rigs.
Jessica Paints Insides Outside
Jessica Weisman believes we are mammals and she has the painting to prove it. Medical illustrator by day and painter by night. These powers combined have created some truly in[sideout]spiring art. See more of her work here.
Matthew Reclaims Wood
Matthew Thomas finds reclaimed wood and turns it into something both useful and beautiful.