Take on the Machine

DATE:  November 13, 2010     CATEGORIES:  Events, News

For three weeks in September, Artisan’s Asylum took part in the Vimby Take on the Machine competition. We were given three weeks and $3,000 to complete a project. We were still in the process of officially getting our doors open, so we knew we were in for a rough time. On a whole things turned out well, and both episodes have been posted.

Episode 1
Episode 2

Note: videos start playing once they load.

Since the videos were not able to cover the extensive amount of work done in those three weeks, we’ve posted a page on our public wiki with tons of additional information. You can check the wiki page out here. We also have a set of pictures here, and check out the rest of our group pool for more!

Long story short, we were nowhere near ready to participate in such a competition. To put this in perspective, we only had power in the space for a few weeks before it had started, and the 9,000 sq ft space was nearly bare. A few months later, and a whole lot of work, we have an extremely capable space with an amazing assortment of folks bringing in their skills. You should check out our Flickr set for more of an idea, or just swing by on a Tuesday at 7:30 to check out the space during the “Building the Asylum” night.

While the competition was stressful, most of what was planned turned out okay. We managed to not only work on the breakfast machine, but also build out the space. We were able to use a good bit of the money on things that helped both with the competition, and would also continue to help out in the future (things like tools and workbenches for the projects to be held). Also, it helped bring out a sense of community and united a new group for a common goal, even if that did end up with them voting unanimously to throw Jimmie Rodgers into the Charles river for getting them into it and then leaving on tour.

[Post edited 21 Jan 2011 to replace embedded videos w/links, because embedded videos 1) were no longer playing the Take on the Machine episode and 2) they play automatically.]