Special Class Opportunity: Snakehandling

DATE:  August 11, 2010     CATEGORIES:  Events

Saturday, August 21st, 2010
10:30 AM – 4:00 PM
561 Windsor St, Unit A306, Somerville, MA

Artisan’s Asylum is preparing to release its full September class schedule, but in the meantime we’ll be hosting a few one-day workshops and events in the month of August. The first of these that we’d like to announce is a special class on snakehandling!

Artisan’s Asylum founders Gui Cavalcanti and Jenn Martinez have owned snakes for the past three years. They currently own 4 snakes (a Ball Python, a California King Snake, a Milksnake and a Western Hognose) and want to share the techniques, skills and love they have for raising and handling snakes. Snakes make fantastic pets – they only eat once a week (and are a blast to feed), they’re fun to hold and look at, and in general are some of the lowest-maintenance pets you can own.

This class will include the handling of all four snakes, the feeding of all four snakes (done by the participants and supervised by Gui and Jenn), a lecture on snake species, relevant laws, and snakehandling techniques, and a field trip to the New England Reptile Distributors (where all of Gui and Jenn’s snakes were bought) for a back-stage tour of their local reptile breeding facilities. While there, participants will have the ability to purchase a snake and all of the equipment needed to keep one as a pet. If participants choose to purchase a snake, Gui and Jenn will then provide snake owner mentorship for the participant until the snake and owner stabilize into a sustainable feeding and care pattern.

Please note that the New England Reptile Distributors are in Plaistow, NH, and the car ride each way is an hour long. Participants will be carpooling there and back. Also note that if you choose purchase a snake, the cost will be around $50-$100 for the snake itself and potentially up to $150-$200 for the full tank setup.