Teach A Class

We are currently collecting
class proposals!

We always welcome inquiries from potential new instructors! As part of our mission to make creating a part of life, we hold classes not only to help teach people fabrication skills, but also to help people make a living from their craft. If you have an art or craft you love and a passion for teaching, we would love to help you share it.

For Interested Instructors:

  • Send an email to teachATartisansasylumDOTcom with a cover letter, resume, and references, describing your teaching and subject-matter experience and what you’re interested in teaching.
  • If you’re interested in volunteering some time as a tool tester to get oriented to our shops and community, fill out this interest form.

Once you’ve discussed your ideas with our Education Department staff:

  • fill out the Class Proposal form.
  • Fill out and return to us the Instructor Agreement and a W9 tax form.
  • Send a blank email to instructors-announce-subscribe@ to subscribe to our instructor mailing list to receive further info, updates and calls for class proposals.