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Rob MasekOperations

We’re excited to announce Rob Masek’s promotion to Operations Manager! Rob is an engineer, technician, and educator with a passion for fighting robots and clean aisles. He owns and operates Black Swan Robotics, LLC, and teaches several types of fabrication and digital design. Rob also competed on Comedy Central’s BattleBots three times, and has produced and run several robotics competitions (including several US FIRST Robotics competitions and a home-brewed robot combat event called Pound of Pain). Most recently, he worked at Paperless Parts and Rapid Sheetmetal, serving as an equipment technician and production engineer. He joined the Artisan’s Asylum team as Facilities Manager in March of 2013, and stepped up to take on additional executive and management functions as Operations Manager in April of 2014.

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Molly RubensteinEducation & Outreach

Molly W. RubensteinMolly Rubenstein joined the Artisan’s Asylum staff in July of 2011, serving first as Director of Operations and then Interim Executive Director, now excited to be focusing her attentions on our educational programs and outreach efforts. Molly’s professional background is in community organizing, education, and the performing arts — she seeks out systems through which a community of people can explore new things and engage in a common vision. Having taught and studied in a wide range of environments, Molly is convinced that we need to approach education from an experiential and problem-solving perspective, while her work with the public policy initiative Workplace Flexibility 2010 strengthened her conviction that there should be other options available for professionals than the standard 9-5 job; she’s excited to help makers and fabricators of all kinds find ways of developing and supporting themselves through their creative work. Molly is a graduate of Yale University with a degree in Linguistics that she likes to find creative uses for in her day-to-day life. She currently serves on the Somerville Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, on the Union Square Redevelopment Civic Advisory Committee, and on the Eliot School‘s Advisory Council.

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Jessica MuiseMember Services

Jessica Muise is a rockstar arts administrator, dancer/choreographer, educator, and permaculturalist. Her recent professional experience includes customer service, supplier operations and human resources for the Boston-based e-commerce start-up, and operations management for the Massachusetts College of Art and Design’s Admissions Office. She has also worked for over five years in administration and development for arts and social justice focused non-profits, including National Choreography Month, Waltham Fields Community Farm and Green Street Studios. She is currently the artistic director of Intimations Dance and founder of Our Permaculture Trip, combining the arts and permaculture in education projects for healing and transformation.

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Cira L. Brown – Communications