September Classes

DATE:  August 15, 2010     CATEGORIES:  Current Classes

Our September weekly classes are online and ready for registration! We have one or two weekly class stragglers that will be announced soon, and we’ll be unveiling our one-time workshops as time goes on, but by and large we’re good to go. You can read details and register via our class listing on Eventbrite.

This month we’re going to be trying something a little new – in addition to all of our classes, we’ll be hosting theme nights! The idea behind a theme night is that it’s a certain time of week where a whole bunch of people converge to work on similar kinds of projects for a long stretch of time. Artisan’s Asylum is taking it one step further, and having most of our instructors show up at theme nights to help members and students with problems and questions. If you hit a little roadblock in your project, a number of talented people are guaranteed to be on hand to help you solve it! Most of our courses come bundled with access to one theme night, but if you decide not to enroll in a course you can enroll specifically in theme nights.

Some of our classes filled up within hours of going live last time around, so if you are really interested in a topic, we encourage you to register soon!

If a class you want to take fills up, please add yourself to the waitlist. If we get enough people on the waitlist to any given class, we’ll work really hard with the instructor to offer a second class.