Pre-Labor-Day Closings at Artisan's Asylum

DATE:  August 29, 2012     CATEGORIES:  Blog, News

Artisan’s Asylum is closed to the public through Labor Day, September 3.

Monthly members will continue to have access to the building according to their usual schedules, and the front door will be staffed from 6-8pm Monday-Thursday in order to keep the door open for students in classes meeting on those evenings.

Otherwise, the front door is locked and the facility is not be available for tours, daypass users, or tool training and testing (with the exception of the already-scheduled Laser Cutter Tool Training). The email address and main line office number will be only irregularly checked for the duration of that period of time; anticipate a lot of “out of office” replies if you try to contact us that week.

Since the Asylum is generally in greater demand when everyone else is off of work, we’re taking advantage of the fact that much of our community is out of town for Burning Man and Labor Day to offer our staff and volunteers a much-needed and much-deserved vacation.

Please feel free to write to the main email address (info@) with any questions or concerns.
Otherwise, enjoy your end of summer!


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