Power Tools Pumpkin Carving 12-4pm Today!

DATE:  October 20, 2013     CATEGORIES:  Events

It’s a beautiful day for machining giant pumpkins in the streets! Come join us this afternoon in front of 493 Somerville Avenue (CPCU Credit Union) to watch artists Seth Avecilla, Lesley Bannatyne, Gary Duehr, Gretchen Greene, and Ecco Pierce take their tools to five 100-160lb pumpkins.

If you want to get a sense of what to expect, check out amazing photos from the last three years on our Facebook and Flickr pages.

We’ll be there from noon to 4pm today! Come join to watch the action, get some bad ideas for home pumpkin carving, and enjoy the rest of the MonsterMashed Up Somerstreets Festival, stretching all the way from Union to Davis Square.

There will also be the annual epic clean-pumpkin-gunk-out-of-power-tools party at the Asylum from 4-5pm, which all are welcome to join 😀

See you soon!