Partnering with ZipCar

DATE:  May 14, 2012     CATEGORIES:  News

Artisan’s Asylum is happy to announce that we’re partnering with ZipCar to bring both discounted ZipCar services and a brand new ZipVan to our membership.

Members who register through our group have their application fee waived, their annual fee reduced by 50%, and mileage rates on regular ZipCar usage slightly discounted. In addition, registering with ZipCar means that members can make use of this E-150 cargo van that lives in our parking lot:

The ZipVan in the Artisan's Asylum parking lot

For those unfamiliar with ZipCar’s services, they offer hourly rental of vehicles of all shapes and sizes with gas, insurance, and maintenance all included in the hourly rate. You don’t have to gas up, or worry about what might happen if you get into an accident. This van in particular offers our members the ability to haul heavy cargo (whether projects, materials, or what have you) in a climate-protected trunk, up to and including full sheets of 4’x8′ plywood.

If you’re a member and would like to register through our group account, please email us and we’ll set you up with the details!