October classes

DATE:  September 24, 2010     CATEGORIES:  Current Classes

Hello friends!

Artisan’s Asylum is happy to announce our October class schedule has been posted on Eventbrite! You can find all of our events at http://artisansasylum.eventbrite.com. Our class roster is pretty full, so make sure you click the “show more” button at the bottom of the page to catch everything!

Here are some brief highlights from the classes coming up:


  • Leather Mask Making, Sundays. Learn the basics of leatherworking by making leather masks from scratch that perfectly fit your face! Perfect for masquerades and parties.
  • Halloween Animatronics, Fridays. Come to class with your ideas, and let an all-star team of 3 Asylum artists help you design, manufacture, and breathe life into your animatronic creation!
  • Intermediate Sewing: Halloween Alteration, Sundays.  Alter your clothes into amazing Halloween costumes! Come with your ideas and we’ll help you craft your costume just in time!

Metal Fabrication:

  • Introduction to TIG Welding, Fridays and Saturday: Come learn how to TIG weld with Skunk. TIG welding is a precise type of welding generally used to make space frames and small pieces.
  • Introduction to MIG Welding, Saturdays: Come learn how to MIG weld with Hilljack. MIG welding is the easiest and most forgiving welding technique, ideal for fast turnaround and thicker steel.


  • Millinery (Hat Making), Saturdays. Come learn how to make your own hats from scratch. Ever want a perfectly-fitting top hat, fedora, or other classy hat of your own design? This is for you.
  • Single-Color Screenprinting, Thursdays. Come learn how to make single-color screenprints on the fabric of your choice! The world of custom clothing is open to your design!
  • Introduction to Sewing, Sundays.  Come learn how your sewing machine works and how to use it to create basic stitches.


  • Knitting 101, Thursdays. Learn how cast-on, cast-off, knit-stitch, purl-stitch, increases and decreases to make your own knitted clothes in preparation for the colder weather!
  • Beginning Jewelry Series, Tuesdays. Come take a whole series in beginning jewelry-making, and take either the whole series or the individual parts (Basic Wire Wrapping, Basic Knot Work, Basic Bead Stringing, and Wire
    Wrap Rings
    !). Make sure you sign up for the whole series (available through any individual class listing) to get a discount, and not the 4 individual classes.




  • Marketing and Self-Promotion for Artists, Saturday. Learn how to promote and sell yourself and your work, use social marketing tools, write press releases and brand yourself as an artist!
  • Fundamentals of Mechanical Design, Sundays. Learn how to Design Stuff That Won’t Break. We’ll review the fundamentals of designing structures, actuation, mechanisms and more!

That’s all for now, folks! We’ll have more fun Halloween classes coming up, but we’ll let you know about them a little closer to the date!

Thanks, and see you in October!