New Classes Posted: February & March

DATE:  January 15, 2012     CATEGORIES:  Current Classes

Happy New Year, everyone, from Artisan’s Asylum!

We’re excited to begin this new year with such a bang; all set up in our new space, we have 150 active members, and we’re running 23 classes and 6 different types of tool trainings this month, by far an organizational record. Thank you all for getting excited about the new Asylum!

Our current open class roster you’ll find below: all of our February postings and most of our March offerings. Note that some of our classes are 1-day workshops, while others range anywhere from 3-12 weeks. Also, check out some of the brand-new classes we’re offering coming up soon! Some classes are still in development; stay tuned for registration being posted in the next week or so.

If you’re just looking for a quick overview of safe tool operations, our 2-hour Tool Training classes are still available every week in January in most of our craft areas. Trainings will be scheduled by email according to your schedule; you should hear from us the week before your ticket type.

Classes defying categories:

  • Bookbinding for Beginners, Saturdays, February 4 to March 3 — In this class you’ll make your own blank books, covered with colorful decorative papers, using simple hand tools. Learn a variety of techniques and designs you can use for all sorts of gifts and personal projects!
  • 8bit Sound Design and Music Composition, Wednesdays, February 1-29 — Learn how to compose and produce 8bit music like you would find in classic arcade and videogames! Students will learn how to use LSDJ to create original scores, and will share their results with the class. (Brought to you by the Collaborative Electronic Mixed Media Institute.)
  • NEW! Introduction to Programmable Lighting, Tuesdays, February 7-28 — Be part of the programming team for a light installation in FIGMENT’s Winter Lights Festival! Students will be given basic instruction in the Python programming language used in the installation, then be given free reign to develop their own scripts and test them on the lights. Functional scripts will be demoed in the “Blueway” exhibit. (Brought to you by the Collaborative Electronic Mixed Media Institute.)
  • Fire-Eating & Fleshing, Sundays, February 5-26 — In this 4-week session, trained fire professionals Julia and Dominique will take you through introductory to advanced fire eating and contact fire while providing the tools you need to continue exploring the element of fire on your own.
  • NEW! Homebrew Beer Primer: A Roundtable Discussion, Fridays, March 2-23 — Home brewed beer is super tasty, easy to make, and a big hit with family and friends. This presentation-discussion class is a basic primer for making your own beer at home.
  • Business Consulting for Artists & Makers: Office Hours, Thursdays 5-7pm — This is a new FREE service offered to Artisan’s Asylum members. Dan Trajman will be holding open hours every Thursday afternoon for anyone who would like consultation on business-related concerns: register now to reserve a slot!
  • Tool Training: Basic Machine Tools — For complete novices and as a basic refresher, this session covers everything someone would need to get started at Artisan’s Asylum; basic safety, basic shop layout, drill presses, sanders, bench grinder, and hand power tools. Sessions will be scheduled according to demand.

Casting & Moldmaking

  • NEW! Concrete Countertop Casting, Saturdays, February 25 to March 31 — Peter Montague will lead this class through the process of casting professional concrete countertops for the Asylum kitchen cabinets being built in this month’s Woodworking Intensive class!
  • Introduction to Casting & Moldmaking: MARCH, SOLD OUT! Mondays, March 5-26 — Learn the basics of casting from life and from object models, using safe materials to replicate everyday objects in plaster, wax, plastic, or rubber — including your various body parts

Sewing & Fiber Arts

  • Sewing 2: Sewing from a Pattern, Mondays February 6-27 — Expand your sewing skills from the intro class with this individual projects class! Ready to work from a pattern for the first time? Bring your own project to class and Carolyn will walk you through the process from purchasing to cutting to assembly and finishing.
  • New! Introduction to Embroidery, Saturday February 18 — If you’ve always wanted to try your hand at embroidery but never gotten around to it, this is the class for you. In one four-hour workshop, learn a series of basic stitches to get you started making anything from a traditional sampler to a completely unique piece.

Bicycle Maintenance & Repair

  • Basic Bicycle Maintenance, 1 SEAT LEFT! Wednesdays, February 1-22 — You may know how to ride your bicycle, but if you don’t know how to take care of it you’ll end up losing speed, causing damage, or stranded with a flat tire. Get your bike skills in shape before you hit the road again in the spring!
  • Advanced Bicycle Maintenance, 1 SEAT LEFT! Mondays, February 6-27 — If you want to get deeper into the workings of your bicycle, this is the class for you! Learn skills like rear hub overhaul (rebuilding), truing your wheels, headset overhaul, and front derailleur adjustments.
  • Tool Training: Intro to Bike Shop, Wednesdays 6-7pm — This is a FREE introduction to SCUL’s bike shop, mandatory for any member hoping to use bike shop equipment. This short tour will introduce you to the ins and outs of “Fort Tyler”, which equipment is open for members’ use and which not, and basic standards of operation in the shop.

Electronics & Robotics

  • Hovercraft Design Challenge, Friday, 1/27 to Sunday, 1/29 — Participate in the first of many design challenges at Artisan’s Asylum! Spend 48 hours on a team of 3-4 people creating a remote-control hovercraft from scratch. Teams get a kit of parts that contains all of the motors and electronics they need, and have to create a hovercraft to compete in a public race through a giant empty warehouse.
  • NEW! Introduction to Electronics, Saturdays, February 11 to March 3 — A beginner’s course in the theory and practice behind electronics assembly. This class will give you a working understanding of transistors by starting with core physical principles like voltage, current, and charge, and ending with building your own amplifiers and simple digital logic circuits.
  • NEW! Making Things Move: Intro, Mondays, February 13-27 — This 3-week survey course will cover the basic principles of traditional and novel actuators. Students will study the physics of how voltage, current, torque, velocity, and position are related with a variety of actuators, and learn which actuators work best for which types of tasks.
  • NEW! Making Things Move: Control — Description & Registration Coming Soon! Mondays, March 5-26 — This 4-week class will give students an opportunity to experiment with concrete applications of their knowledge of motors, servos, and other actuators in the execution of an individual project.
  • Introduction to Arduino: MARCH, Wednesdays, March 7-28 — Learn how to program the Arduino microcontroller, an easy-to-learn hobby chip that allows for simple command of lights, motors and other outputs, while taking a huge variety of sensor inputs. These boards are useful for just about every robotics, electronics, or mechatronics project you can imagine, with a huge online community supporting their development.
  • Tool Training: Basic Electronics Tools — Training on wire cutters, soldering stations, board vises, multimeters, stereoscope, electronics bandsaws, ESD mats, and more; sessions will be scheduled according to demand.

Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing

  • Intro to 3D Modeling with Autodesk 123D, SOLD OUT! Thursdays, February 2 to March 22 — For those of you interested in computer-aided design and manufacturing, this class offers an 8-week introduction to Autodesk 123D, a free 3D modeling program useful for both engineering and artistic modeling, drafting, and computer-aided manufacturing.
  • Introduction to Computer-Aided Manufacturing, SOLD OUT! Sunday, February 12 — Learn some fundamental principles behind computer-aided manufacturing while learning how to design and make parts for the 4’x8′ computer-controlled router installed at Artisan’s Asylum!
  • Tool Training: 3D Printer — Artisan’s Asylum is acquiring a uPrint SE Plus 3D printer. This class will fully train and prepare students for using the 3D printer independently, whenever they need projects made. Members who have taken this class will receive a substantial discount on materials when using the printer to make 3D models.


  • Manual Machining Projects: Build a Model Engine, Tuesdays, February 21 to March 13 — In this follow-up to Christian’s popular Manual Machining & Layout class, students will apply their basic machining and layout skills to build their own model steam engine.
  • Intro to TIG Welding: MARCH, Mondays, March 5-26 and Tuesdays, March 6-27 — Come learn how to weld with Skunk! TIG welding is a precise type of welding generally used to make space frames (like bicycle frames) and small pieces. Students learn operation of a TIG welder and a large range of supporting equipment for a variety of materials and joint types.
  • Metalworking Intensive: MARCH, Wednesdays, March 7-28 — In this class, the instructors will guide students through professional-grade steel construction skills in the building of metal worktables for Artisan’s Asylum. By the end of the session, students will have learned all the skills necessary to building load-bearing steel structures, including cutting, milling, grinding, jigging, and MIG welding.
  • Tool Training: Basic Metalworking Machine Tools — Basic training on sheet metal tools, chop saws, hand grinders, cutoff wheels, metal bandsaws, and spot welders; sessions will be scheduled according to demand.


  • Intro to Woodworking: Build a Box, SOLD OUT! Wednesdays, 2/22-3/21 — This class is an introduction to fine woodworking techniques, including reviewing types of wood and their appropriate uses, joinery techniques, finishing techniques, and learning the proper use of most of the tools in the woodshop.
  • More Woodworking Classes Coming Soon!
  • Tool Training: Basic Woodworking Machine Tools — Basic training on table saws, chop saws, scroll saws, and woodworking bandsaws; sessions will be scheduled according to demand.
  • Tool Training: Advanced Woodworking Machine Tools — Basic training on jointers, planers, routers and router tables, and advanced table saw setups; sessions will be scheduled according to demand.