Use Our Tools & Space

Membership to the Asylum grants you access to our facility and all shared equipment.

You can sign up and pay for membership in person at the Asylum any time during staffed hours.

Monthly Memberships

Great for artists, hobbyists, small businesses, and start-ups! Choose from a variety of access times. Storage space can be rented for an additional cost. Most memberships also allow you to rent your very own workshop space.

Membership Cost/month
Rentals Permitted
Weekend Warrior $60 None 10 am -10 pm Shelf Storage only
Weekday $100 9 am -7 pm None Shelf & Pallet Storage, 50 sf studio, shared 100 sf studio
Nights/Weekends $100 6 pm -11 pm 10 am -10 pm Shelf & Pallet Storage, 50 sf studio, shared 100 sf studio
Unlimited $150 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Institutional $200 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Institutional memberships are available to companies that would like to provide their employees with access to our tools, either as a benefit, or in support of their own mission. Access cards can be used by anyone the member institution wishes; unlike our individual memberships, they do not have to be linked to one specific person.

Subsidized memberships (discounted 20%) are available to students, the unemployed, and others with demonstrated financial need.

Daily Memberships

Great for gifts or for occasional tool use. You can use the multi-day packs for one big project or divided over several months. Daily memberships never expire.

Membership Cost Mon-Thurs
Rentals Permitted
Day 5-Pack $85 12 pm – 8 pm 10am – 6pm None
Day 10-Pack $145 12 pm – 8 pm 10am – 6pm None