Improper Bostonian names Artisan's Asylum "Best Classes in Boston"

DATE:  July 5, 2012     CATEGORIES:  Blog, Classes, News

In the Improper Bostonian‘s 2012 “Boston’s Best” Awards, Artisan’s Asylum was chosen for “Best Classes” and is the featured award in the Goods and Services category. Here’s what they said:

“You won’t find the usual lesson on wine pairings in this studio’s catalog, but the instructors at Artisan’s Asylum can show you how to create a one-of-a-kind glass work. Or maybe you’d rather mold metal into a princely chalice? The state-of-the-art facility, equipped with welding, milling and sewing machines, power tools and even a 3-D printer, is home to some of the most hands-on classes in Boston. Our personal favorites include ‘Project: Blinky Pants,’ a tutorial on incorporating L.E.D. lights into clothing and accessories, and ‘Wire-Armature Puppets,’ a workshop that teaches students how to create fully functioning animated dolls.”

Thank you, Improper Bostonian!

You can check out the listing on their Best of Boston page and the Goods and Services category page.