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Here at Artisan’s Asylum, we have equipment available for woodworking, machining, welding, electronics assembly, screen printing, lampworking, jewelry-scale metalsmithing, sewing, and bicycle repair, as well as a 3D printer, and a computer lab. (See Inventory below.)

There are two components to getting access to Asylum equipment: interested users must both sign up for membership AND schedule testing on equipment before they start work at the Asylum for the first time.

1. Training and/or Testing

In order to use Asylum tools, you either have to demonstrate competent, safe, responsible use of the equipment to one of our trained instructors, or take one of our training sessions or classes.

Training: If you’re looking for a quick introduction or refresher on the basic operations of a tool/tools, Tool Trainings are for you. Tools grouped in categories to make it easy for you to get everything you need in one or two sessions.  Our current list of Tool Training Classes is available here.

Testing: If you already have training on this equipment and just need to be checked off to use it at the Asylum, sign up for one of our free testing sessions. Testing is also required as followup for some training classes before students can use the equipment unsupervised. Testing sign-up is available for free by gcal appointment. More information available here.

Classes: Tool Training classes do not provide significant practice with each tool, nor do they discuss any advanced techniques. To learn how to use the tools at anything other than an introductory level, please take a look at our long-form classes, workshops, and series, listed here.

2. Membership

Access to the equipment is restricted to Asylum members. Membership comes in a variety of different packages, ranging from single day memberships to monthly packages for weekends, weekdays, evenings & weekends, and unlimited 24/7 access. Memberships can be bought at the front desk of the Asylum during staffed hours. More information about membership types and prices is available here.

Inventory of Equipment*

Classroom, Intro to CAM class, February 12, 2012. Photo credit Aaron Falk.

Computer Lab

Rapid Prototyping Lab

Welding Shop

Wood Shop

Machine Shop



Bike Shop


Screen Printing Shop

Jewelry & Lampworking Shop (INCOMPLETE LIST)

Fabric Shop


*Our inventory of equipment in constantly developing. If you have specific equipment- or inventory-related questions, please feel free to contact us.

You can also take a look at our tool pages on our wiki, where handy things like manuals and parts lists are available for some of the equipment.

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