DIY Secret Santa Returns! Registration Closes Thursday, 6am

DATE:  December 5, 2012     CATEGORIES:  Events

I’m excited to announce that our annual DIY Secret Santa is returning again for a third time this year! In what is possibly the oldest unbroken tradition we have, each year we invite the community members of Artisan’s Asylum to apply their innumerable talents to creating brilliant, hand-crafted, and often wildly absurd gifts for one another.

If you’d like to participate, here’s what you do.

  1. Take the following registration survey by 6am Thursday morning, December 6:
  2. You will be randomly matched with a Secret Santa recipient. You will receive your assigned recipient’s survey responses in your email by 10am December 6th.
  3. (Optional) Come to a mixer Thursday evening at 6:30PM. Spy on your Secret Santa recipient without making it obvious that you’re spying on them. There will be food and drink, and maybe some games.
  4. Fabricate a gift. Do not purchase it in a store. Spend no more than $25 on components/materials. Aim to entertain and/or impress.
  5. (Mandatory) Come to our gift giveaway at the Artisan’s Asylum Tyler Street Birthday Party taking place Sunday, December 16th, at 6:30PM! There will be cake and refreshments and potluck dinner, as well as celebrations of all we’ve accomplished this year!

Unfortunately, if you can’t make the giveaway on December 16th, you cannot participate. We can’t have participants who can’t make the party, as that’s more than half the fun — it was very sad last year when givers or recipients were absent.