Creepy Crawly Casting Class Spotlight

DATE:  October 27, 2016     CATEGORIES:  Uncategorized

A student discusses his experiences learning to cast organic matter into metal. If this sounds up your alley, sign up for our Thanksgiving Food Casting Class in November.


The Metal Casting lab at Artisan’s Asylum can be used for traditional lost-wax casting as well as a more modern metal casting technique using 3D prints. Last week marked the conclusion of the first Creepy Crawley Casting Class taught by Mark Bronawell here at Artisan’s Asylum. The class was a basic introduction to metal casting using organic material: bugs, octopus tentacles, and chicken parts (the hearts and feet).

chicken foot

The class took place over two Thursday nights. The first night involved prepping the material for casting: spruing the work, mixing investment and positioning work to dry.The second night was the metal pour. Because this was an introductory class, Mark took care of some of the more unpleasant tasks dealing with decaying organic matter. Over the course of the two nights, the students learned how to safely handle hot materials and perform basic pours. The results were available the same night of the pour and the students were able to leave with their creations.

casting bug