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10 Tyler Street, Somerville, Massachusetts, 02143
Phone: (617) 284-6878                Fax: (617) 718-1641

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Email Directory

Due to the high volume of email inquiries the Asylum receives on a daily basis, please read through the following options to better facilitate a swift response to your inquiry from our available staff and volunteers! All of the following are

Want access to our tools, classes, and space?

  • general-info@ For general information about our available programs, services, classes, and events
  • member-services@ For all inquiries about memberships
  • space@ For all inquiries about studio and storage space rental
  • facilities@ For inquiries about tools and equipment, including equipment donations

Want help with a project or idea?

  • have-it-made@ For requests for custom paid design and fabrication work to be done by Artisan’s Asylum members. Goes to a distribution list of interested professionals.
  • discuss@ For all technical inquiries and all “can you help me or teach me?” and “what do you guys think of this?” questions. Goes to a distribution list of members of the Artisan’s Asylum and our extended community of makers.

Want more information about us or how to get involved?

  • press@ For all press and media inquiries
  • donate@ For inquiries about donations and sponsorships
  • outreach@ For tour requests or partnerships
  • teach@ For inquiries about teaching at Artisan’s Asylum
  • jobs@ For inquiries about other available volunteer and paid positions

If you’re an existing member, renter, student, or vendor, you also might want:

  • member-services@ For questions about billing and changes to existing member accounts
  • maintenance@ For reporting tools in need of repair, consumables in need of stocking, and other maintenance issues
  • cancellations@ For cancellations and refunds of class tickets, memberships, and rental space
  • it@ For all inquiries about the Artisan’s Asylum IT and communications infrastructure
  • ap@ For all communications with vendors
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