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Address & Phone

10 Tyler Street, Somerville, Massachusetts, 02143
Phone: (617) 284-6878                Fax: (617) 718-1641

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Email Directory

Due to the high volume of email inquiries the Asylum receives on a daily basis, please read through the following options to better facilitate a swift response to your inquiry from our available staff and volunteers! All of the following are

Want access to our tools, classes, and space?

  • general-info@ For general information about our available programs, services, classes, and events
  • member-services@ For all inquiries about memberships
  • space@ For all inquiries about studio and storage space rental
  • facilities@ For inquiries about tools and equipment, including equipment donations

Want help with a project or idea?

  • have-it-made@ For requests for custom paid design and fabrication work to be done by Artisan’s Asylum members. Goes to a distribution list of interested professionals.
  • discuss@ For all technical inquiries and all “can you help me or teach me?” and “what do you guys think of this?” questions. Goes to a distribution list of members of the Artisan’s Asylum and our extended community of makers.

Want more information about us or how to get involved?

  • press@ For all press and media inquiries
  • donate@ For inquiries about donations and sponsorships
  • outreach@ To discuss strategic partnerships or to arrange a large or off-hours tour (see below)
  • teach@ For inquiries about teaching at Artisan’s Asylum
  • jobs@ For inquiries about other available volunteer and paid positions

If you’re an existing member, renter, student, or vendor, you also might want:

  • member-services@ For questions about billing and changes to existing member accounts
  • maintenance@ For reporting tools in need of repair, consumables in need of stocking, and other maintenance issues
  • cancellations@ For cancellations and refunds of class tickets, memberships, and rental space
  • it@ For all inquiries about the Artisan’s Asylum IT and communications infrastructure
  • ap@ For all communications with vendors



Staffed Hours & Tour Times

Staffed Hours:
Use a day pass and sign up for classes, membership, and space/storage rental:
Monday: 12:00pm–10:00pm
Tuesday: 12:00pm–10:00pm
Wednesday: 12:00pm–10:00pm
Thursday: 12:00pm–10:00pm
Friday: 10:00am–6:00pm
Saturday: 10:00am–6:00pm
Sunday: 10:00am–6:00pm
Tour Times:
Tours that are free & open to the public leave at the following times each day:
Monday: 2:00pm  &  8:00pm
Tuesday: 2:00pm  &  8:00pm
Wednesday: 2:00pm  &  8:00pm
Thursday: 2:00pm  &  8:00pm
Friday: 3:00pm
Saturday: 2:00pm  &  4:00pm
Sunday: 2:00pm  &  4:00pm


Tour Information

We’d love to show you around during the times listed above. Our volunteers and staff do have limited time, however — if you need to request a tour at any other times than those listed above or for more than 4 people, we do ask for a modest honorarium to help support our work. Please send an email to outreach@ to arrange your large and/or off-hours tour.

Note: The Asylum is closed to the public for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, and the last week of August. During those times the facility is open to monthly members but the front desk will not be staffed. We also sometimes close for weather emergencies – check our front page for updates.