Community Mailing Lists

At the Asylum, we have two main mailing lists for the general public:
Discuss and Have-It-Made (each is followed by


For all technical inquiries and all “can you help me or teach me?” and “what do you guys think of this?” questions. Sending an email to discuss@ goes to a distribution list of members of the Artisan’s Asylum and our extended community of makers.


For requests for custom paid design and fabrication work to be done by Artisan’s Asylum members. Goes to a distribution list of interested professionals.

Please note: we do not operate as a job shop here at the Asylum, but we do have a number of members who run jobs out of the space. If you’re interested in having something built for you, send an email to have-it-made@ and you can see if anyone is interested in taking on the job. Artisan’s Asylum will make no recommendations and takes no responsibility for the quality of work arranged through the have-it-made list — we are simply facilitating communication.