Claim your space now in the new Artisan's Asylum!

DATE:  July 20, 2011     CATEGORIES:  News

To all those who have been eagerly awaiting their chance to become a part of the Asylum’s new home: your time has come! Come to our meeting next Thursday, July 28th, to answer all your questions and sign your name to a space of your own. Here are the basic details:

WHEN: Thursday, July 28th, 8-11PM
WHERE: 10 Tyler Street, Somerville MA
WHAT: Meeting for all potential studio/workspace renters. We expect to run out of available lots: come prepared with all your questions, and with a checkbook/credit card if you want to reserve your space!
RSVP (50 and 100 sq.ft. lots): If you know for sure you want to reserve a 50 or 100 square foot lot before the meeting, or if you cannot make the meeting, please call us immediately at (617) 863-7634. Otherwise, no RSVP necessary: but come prepared if you want to assure your spot.
SPACES LARGER THAN 100 sq.ft.: If you intend to rent a space larger than 100 square feet, please respond to this followup survey immediately. Letters of intent will be available to sign at the meeting.


If you intend to rent space with us, you must either attend this meeting or let us know you can’t make it. The meeting will be an opportunity to 1) see the space, 2) see the proposed floorplan, 3) ask any and all questions you might have about the space or about the costs and benefits of having a studio here, and 4) actually sign license agreements and pay first and last month’s rent and membership fees to claim your 50/100 sq.ft. space in our huge new workshop. We will accept checks and credit cards, but not cash. If you do not have funds immediately available, speak with Gui by phone or at the meeting.

Those interested in larger spaces will have the opportunity to sign a letter of intent to reserve their spot, though we won’t be collecting money from larger renters as yet. It has become apparent that we won’t be able to fit more than a few lots larger than 100 square feet in the new 10 Tyler Street space. We are, however, working on a proposal to rent an additional, adjoining 13,000 square foot space to accommodate all the larger renters; in order to succeed, we need to show the landlord we have commitments from enough people to fill the space and assure the rent. If you’re interested in renting more than 100 square feet, please fill out this survey ASAP:

If you have any further questions, please call us at (617) 863-7634.

We can’t wait to have you in our space!