Battling Bots: MASSdestruction Returns!

DATE:  November 3, 2016     CATEGORIES:  Blog, Events

Fighting bot in arena
by Arlene Elkins

We’re getting the fighting arena out because our fighting robot tournament, MASSdestruction is returning this November! Freshly-elected president, Jason Kuehl is overseeing the November 12th tournament. Local BattleBots contestants will also be present.

fighting robots

Not only are number of MASSdestruction veterans returning, we’ve had a lot of new people sign up. There will be more robots than ever before! Some people will bring their seasoned bots and some will bring new ones. Other than weight class, we won’t know anything about the robots will show up to fight until the day of the tournament. “Every event is exciting. One great thing about this event, is that we have about 10 new people. Which means more robot destruction!” says Jason.


Two bots face off during a battle.

The robots are randomly assigned to face off. The winning robots will then go on to the next round until eventually only one robot remains. After the finals are over, we will have an award ceremony with trophies made by Artisan’s members. At the last MASSdestruction, Juan Alvarez of Welding on Fire made the trophies on our plasma cutter, but for now the identity of this MASSdestruction’s trophy maker is a secret.


Another feature of MASSdestruction is the arena itself. Artisan’s previous facilities manager, Rob Masek worked with welding and metalworking students to create a lighter arena as the original arena was large and bulky. Our current arena is designed to fit on a pallet once it is taken apart for easy storage and travel. Thanks to the design, we are able to loan the arena to other groups.

Fighting robot arena

We hope to see you on November 12th! If you can’t make this one, we’ll also host MASSdestruction during Winter Open Studios.

We are able to put on MASSdestruction and other great events thanks to your help! Donate to Artisan’s Asylum so we can continue plan great programming! To discuss using our arena for your own event, contact Jason at