Asylum Illustrations Project

This is an initiative of the Communications Committee.

We’re looking to create a repository of around 30 illustrations of various “forms” found at the Asylum. Think about the traffic cone sculpture, the Dragon head above the front desk, one of the SCUL ship’s disco ball, and the geodesic dome… things that you’d only find at the Asylum, as well as maker tools and equipment. These sketches will become part of the Asylum’s visual media repository, and used as vignettes in assorted promotional material/signage. I will handle getting permissions for specific featured pieces. We’re off to an amazing start, thanks to contributions from artist and illustrator (and Wednesday night Deskie), Anna Jo Beck! Click here to see them!! Here’s what to do:

  1. Choose a thing in the Asylum to draw. Preferably send me an email (communications@) to check and make sure no one else has done it already.
  2. Sketch it! If you could do it digitally in Illustrator or another vector-based program, that would be fabulous. Take a photograph and start sketching over it in another layer. Pencil and paper is also fine; scan your work or give it to me and I’ll do it.
  3. These sketches don’t have to be very detailed at all (they actually shouldn’t be). One-or-two colors is fine. The emphasis is on the “form” of the object, and it should work well at small sizes (~2″ x 2″).
  4. YAY!

You don’t have to be a fine artist and it doesn’t have to be very detailed; take a photo and sketch over it in Illustrator, or use one of the ones provided in the gallery below. Submissions are ongoing, but this is something that I want to complete as soon as possible. I’m creating many types of media and promotional material over the next month, and these sketches would add the personality, flavor and whimsy that my current “style guide” lacks.  I want our print and digital media to truly reflect the Asylum’s character and look great while doing it! I’d be happy to provide artist acknowledgment credit for you wherever I can (promo materials, glossy brochure, signage, member orientation booklet, front desk infobook, newsletter, website, signage…).

The following photos were taken by Cira and contain some things that may be good candidates for this project. I’ll keep adding things here as I find them:

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