Artisan's Asylum arms dealer in local Marshmallow conflict

DATE:  September 29, 2012     CATEGORIES:  Events, News

The 2012 What the Fluff festival is upon us! TODAY, Saturday, from 3PM to 7PM (with a raindate of Sunday), Union Square will go crazy for marshmallow fluff (which was invented right here in Somerville by Archibald Query in 1917) with games, food, music, and fluff everywhere.

Artisan’s Asylum has participated as the friendly, local arms dealer in this fine festival since its inception, distributing mini-marshmallow shooters and bags and bags of mini-marshmallow ammo to the festival-goers. This year, we’ve been asked to produce 400-500(!!) shooters to offer as a central feature of the festival, in which armies of 200-250 kids will fight for control of Union Square.

Come join us for the fluff-y festivities! The battle itself will be a spectacle to behold (and participate in, of course), and we can always use more help distributing the shooters to the eager militia. Just find our table and offer your help to Khrysti, who’s coordinating the event today.