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    Caution: Construction Ahead!

    2011 - 09.07

    While we remain closed to the public, we are actively working towards opening our doors as quickly as possible. We want to get you through the door and working on your projects! We have our signed and stamped architectural plans, are working on our building permit as fast as we can, and hope to be ready for action soon. So that you have a sense of where things stand, here is a short update and tour through the work going on at 10 Tyler Street.

    Our welding cell ventilation just went in! These back walls should exchange the air in our welding cells once every… oh… twenty seconds.

    Electrical buildout is underway, and should be fully completed in 2-3 weeks. Our shop electrical (which was first on the list) is done for now and live, but the electrical running out to our renters is still in progress.

    All Asylum equipment and material has been moved from Joy Street and Windsor Street into the new space, and we are now running our administrative operations out of the building. A huge amount of work went into making that happen, and we thank everyone who volunteered their time and effort!

    Our 25,000 square foot floor plan is complete, and man… it manages to look crowded. In the image above, the blue numbers stand for 50 square foot rental studios, red for 100 square feet, yellow for 200 square feet, and green for 250 square feet. As of this writing, all of them are spoken for, but if you’re interested you should sign up for our waiting list! If we have enough people on our waiting list, we’ll be pursuing renting additional parts of the building to add rental capacity.

    We’ll be starting regular work nights every Tuesday night at Tyler Street to do the building, cleaning, and moving necessary to get the space ready to open. If you’d like to help out, please join our volunteer email list by following this link. Our official ribbon-cutting opening event is scheduled for October 15, from 1-4pm in the afternoon. Mark your calendars! November classes and memberships will be going on sale at that event. Finally, we’re going to try and offer some limited number of classes in the space in October, so stay tuned for the full listing soon

    Joy Street Closed; Tyler Studios Rented Out

    2011 - 08.26

    Our Joy Street and Windsor Street facilities are both emptied and closed to all business. Over the course of the last month we have moved the contents and operations of both into our new facility at 10 Tyler Street, Somerville MA. You can now send mail to us in the new location, and find us working there, though we do not yet have regular hours.

    In other news, we are fully rented out of studio spaces at Tyler Street! We have around 90 new renters with us, who will be moving in over the course of September. Watch this site, join our Facebook group or join our mailing list to hear about when we plan on reopening and what our new class roster is going to look like for the fall.

    We are now renting storage units. If you’re interested, please email us directly and let us know. You can find out more information about the units here.

    In the meantime, if you’d like to rent studio space with us but missed out on the first round, feel free to sign up for our waiting list – we’ll email you as soon as spaces become available! If we have a large enough waiting list, it’s entirely likely that we’ll expand into nearby adjoining buildings.

    Call for storage renters!

    2011 - 08.23

    We’re now 100% rented out of studio spaces! If you missed the first round but are still interested, feel free to sign up for our waiting list to be first in line when spaces open up.

    That being said, we’ve now finalized our plans for storage renters after careful scrutiny of our floor plan, and are ready to sign people up. Please read this notice carefully, as information may have changed from previous announcements. The plans for storage are as follows:

    - – - – -

    “Parking Lot” Storage:

    Our first storage option is to store work in a “parking lot” storage area. Everything stored in the area will have to either be on wheels or securely fastened to standard North American pallets, and the ‘rentable unit’ will be multiples of a North American pallet or an equivalent square footage. This type of storage is ideal for large projects, mobile workbenches, anything you might need to wheel in or out of the shop areas, or custom shelves specifically designed for your workpieces. The details are as follows:

    - Rentable Dimensions: 40″ W x 48″ L pallet or 13 sqft equivalent (rounding up to the nearest whole number of pallets for oddly-shaped work), 8′ height maximum, 2,000 lb weight limit
    - Storage Requirements: Either on wheels, securely fastened to pallets, or with a floor-level geometry that’s easily picked up by a standard pallet jack
    - Required Membership Level: Nights/Weekends ($75/month), Daytime-Only ($75/month) or higher
    - Rental Rate: $20/month/pallet

    - – - – -

    Industrial Shelving Storage:

    Our second storage option is to store work in a giant set of industrial shelves ‘across the street’ from the shop areas (along the shop access corridor). The smallest rentable unit will be a 2 foot cube of space on a storage shelf; multiple units can be purchased at once to get more space. The shelves will look similar to this. Details are as follows:

    - Rentable Dimensions: 24″ W, 24″ L, 24″ T
    - Required Membership Level: Weekend Warrior ($40/month) or higher
    - Rental Rate: $5/month/space

    - – - – -

    If you are interested in any of these storage options, please email us immediately and let us know what type you would like. We’ll respond with a license agreement which you can sign and return to us with a check for first and last month’s rent and membership, and you’ll be all set.

    Claim your space now in the new Artisan’s Asylum!

    2011 - 07.20

    To all those who have been eagerly awaiting their chance to become a part of the Asylum’s new home: your time has come! Come to our meeting next Thursday, July 28th, to answer all your questions and sign your name to a space of your own. Here are the basic details:

    WHEN: Thursday, July 28th, 8-11PM
    WHERE: 10 Tyler Street, Somerville MA
    WHAT: Meeting for all potential studio/workspace renters. We expect to run out of available lots: come prepared with all your questions, and with a checkbook/credit card if you want to reserve your space!
    RSVP (50 and 100 sq.ft. lots): If you know for sure you want to reserve a 50 or 100 square foot lot before the meeting, or if you cannot make the meeting, please call us immediately at (617) 863-7634. Otherwise, no RSVP necessary: but come prepared if you want to assure your spot.
    SPACES LARGER THAN 100 sq.ft.: If you intend to rent a space larger than 100 square feet, please respond to this followup survey immediately. Letters of intent will be available to sign at the meeting.


    If you intend to rent space with us, you must either attend this meeting or let us know you can’t make it. The meeting will be an opportunity to 1) see the space, 2) see the proposed floorplan, 3) ask any and all questions you might have about the space or about the costs and benefits of having a studio here, and 4) actually sign license agreements and pay first and last month’s rent and membership fees to claim your 50/100 sq.ft. space in our huge new workshop. We will accept checks and credit cards, but not cash. If you do not have funds immediately available, speak with Gui by phone or at the meeting.

    Those interested in larger spaces will have the opportunity to sign a letter of intent to reserve their spot, though we won’t be collecting money from larger renters as yet. It has become apparent that we won’t be able to fit more than a few lots larger than 100 square feet in the new 10 Tyler Street space. We are, however, working on a proposal to rent an additional, adjoining 13,000 square foot space to accommodate all the larger renters; in order to succeed, we need to show the landlord we have commitments from enough people to fill the space and assure the rent. If you’re interested in renting more than 100 square feet, please fill out this survey ASAP: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/H7PC9BW.

    If you have any further questions, please call us at (617) 863-7634.

    We can’t wait to have you in our space!

    Big News!

    2011 - 06.27

    Hello everyone!

    We’re happy to announce that we’re moving! Come September 1, we’ll be at 10 Tyler St, Somerville MA, a 25,000 square foot manufacturing facility halfway between Porter and Union Square on Somerville Avenue. In addition to expanding and professionalizing all of our shop spaces and offering an even larger docket of craft classes every month, we’ll be offering over 100 studio rental spaces on our shop floor, creating a sorely-needed venue for a huge community of artists, artisans, entrepreneurs and small businesses.

    If you would like to know more, please check out the following links below:

    • We’ll be having an open-house for the new space and fundraiser for our August move on July 9th, from 7-11PM, at 10 Tyler St, Somerville, MA. Read more about the event here.
    • If you’re interested in learning more about and potentially renting studio space in our new location, please show your interest by filling out the survey here. Your feedback will help us design the new space appropriately, and will email you information and rental opportunities as they become available.
    • If you can’t attend our fundraiser but support our cause anyway, please consider donating to our Pledgie fund here. We’ll be using this funding to primarily move our existing equipment and build out infrastructure in the new space.

    Thanks all, and hope to see you soon!

    -Gui Cavalcanti