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    Claim your space now in the new Artisan’s Asylum!

    2011 - 07.20

    To all those who have been eagerly awaiting their chance to become a part of the Asylum’s new home: your time has come! Come to our meeting next Thursday, July 28th, to answer all your questions and sign your name to a space of your own. Here are the basic details:

    WHEN: Thursday, July 28th, 8-11PM
    WHERE: 10 Tyler Street, Somerville MA
    WHAT: Meeting for all potential studio/workspace renters. We expect to run out of available lots: come prepared with all your questions, and with a checkbook/credit card if you want to reserve your space!
    RSVP (50 and 100 sq.ft. lots): If you know for sure you want to reserve a 50 or 100 square foot lot before the meeting, or if you cannot make the meeting, please call us immediately at (617) 863-7634. Otherwise, no RSVP necessary: but come prepared if you want to assure your spot.
    SPACES LARGER THAN 100 sq.ft.: If you intend to rent a space larger than 100 square feet, please respond to this followup survey immediately. Letters of intent will be available to sign at the meeting.


    If you intend to rent space with us, you must either attend this meeting or let us know you can’t make it. The meeting will be an opportunity to 1) see the space, 2) see the proposed floorplan, 3) ask any and all questions you might have about the space or about the costs and benefits of having a studio here, and 4) actually sign license agreements and pay first and last month’s rent and membership fees to claim your 50/100 sq.ft. space in our huge new workshop. We will accept checks and credit cards, but not cash. If you do not have funds immediately available, speak with Gui by phone or at the meeting.

    Those interested in larger spaces will have the opportunity to sign a letter of intent to reserve their spot, though we won’t be collecting money from larger renters as yet. It has become apparent that we won’t be able to fit more than a few lots larger than 100 square feet in the new 10 Tyler Street space. We are, however, working on a proposal to rent an additional, adjoining 13,000 square foot space to accommodate all the larger renters; in order to succeed, we need to show the landlord we have commitments from enough people to fill the space and assure the rent. If you’re interested in renting more than 100 square feet, please fill out this survey ASAP: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/H7PC9BW.

    If you have any further questions, please call us at (617) 863-7634.

    We can’t wait to have you in our space!

    Big News!

    2011 - 06.27

    Hello everyone!

    We’re happy to announce that we’re moving! Come September 1, we’ll be at 10 Tyler St, Somerville MA, a 25,000 square foot manufacturing facility halfway between Porter and Union Square on Somerville Avenue. In addition to expanding and professionalizing all of our shop spaces and offering an even larger docket of craft classes every month, we’ll be offering over 100 studio rental spaces on our shop floor, creating a sorely-needed venue for a huge community of artists, artisans, entrepreneurs and small businesses.

    If you would like to know more, please check out the following links below:

    • We’ll be having an open-house for the new space and fundraiser for our August move on July 9th, from 7-11PM, at 10 Tyler St, Somerville, MA. Read more about the event here.
    • If you’re interested in learning more about and potentially renting studio space in our new location, please show your interest by filling out the survey here. Your feedback will help us design the new space appropriately, and will email you information and rental opportunities as they become available.
    • If you can’t attend our fundraiser but support our cause anyway, please consider donating to our Pledgie fund here. We’ll be using this funding to primarily move our existing equipment and build out infrastructure in the new space.

    Thanks all, and hope to see you soon!

    -Gui Cavalcanti

    A New Beginning for Artisan’s Asylum

    2011 - 06.09

    Hello everyone,

    Artisan’s Asylum turned one year old on May 19th. Over the past year, we’ve transformed an empty 9,000 square foot warehouse, a handful of machine tools, and an empty bank account into a community workshop, makerspace and hackerspace that’s bursting at the seams with 7 craft areas (from precision machining to sewing, woodworking to electronics), hundreds of completed projects, and over 600 students in 110 classes to date. All this was accomplished by volunteer, part time effort by a group of around 40 very committed people.

    We’ve learned a lot over the past year. We’ve learned about how to run a shared community workshop, about what our community needs. We’ve now reached a moment of both crisis and of great opportunity. We’ve demonstrated that our business plan works, and that there is an enthusiastic demand for what we provide – but we can no longer sustain ourselves in our present form. Artisan’s Asylum has outgrown its current space: classes and craft areas are cramped, and we can only house only a tiny fraction of the people in our community who are interested in renting space from us. Additionally, as we continue growing, our volunteers are becoming unable to keep up with the level of activity required to keep the operation running.

    Fundamentally, we’re too small.

    We’ve decided to take a giant leap this coming fall. We’re moving our entire operation into an amazing new space that’s 25,000 square feet (almost three times our current size) and within walking distance of the Red Line – and we’re bringing on full-time, professional staff.

    This is an incredible opportunity for us to finally become the space in which can fulfill the dream we set out with, and satisfy our community’s needs. With room for new, exciting equipment like computer-controlled manufacturing tools (a lasercutter, computer-controlled plasma cutter and 3D printer are all in the works) and new abilities like open-flame work, more space for craft areas, a dedicated quiet classroom and conference room, and, perhaps most importantly, room for studio rental space for more than 100 local artists, craftspeople, and small businesses, Artisan’s Asylum can be the garage and studio every hacker, maker, artist, and inventor in Somerville, Cambridge and Boston has ever wanted – with the added advantage of fostering an entire community of like-minded folks to inspire and collaborate with, with unending opportunities for expanding your range of skills.

    Excited? Great! Because we need you to get involved in order to help make this vision real.

    With the cost of moving our whole shop, the sudden dramatic increase in our rent and expenses, and the added staff necessary to bring such a huge project to fruition, we can’t afford to wait until our memberships, class offerings, and renters gradually fill the space. Beginning to end, we’re looking to raise on the order of $300,000 to purchase all the additional machinery we need, equip the space exactly the way we want it, and become the amazing community center we know we can be. If you want to help this plan become rock-solid, we need you to begin to get involved now by showing your interest in renting your own space and participating in this community, and helping us raise the funds necessary to cover the gap between where we are now and where we need to be.

    Take some of our new space for yourself.

    The new Artisan’s Asylum will be a 25,000 square foot warehouse within easy walking distance of the Red Line.  In addition to our current craft areas, new computer-controlled manufacturing equipment, and open flame work capabilities we’ve already mentioned, the new space is temperature controlled, at ground level with loading docks, and equipped with off-street parking lots, to name just a few perks. If you’re at all interested in renting work space or project storage space in this manufacturing paradise for your very own, take a minute right now to complete our potential renter survey. Showing your interest in taking part in this exciting new community via this survey will give us the information we need to go to banks and investors to turn this place into rock-solid reality. Please, forward this information on to all your friends, and get them excited about renting space with us!

    Contribute to the cause.

    This is a big jump. We’re moving from a volunteer-run organization to a professionally staffed organization that’s three times larger in one fell swoop. We know we have a rock solid business plan to keep the space running with a vibrant community of renters, but getting there from here is going to be hard work. You can help ease the burden by donating to help cover costs like security deposits, minor infrastructural work, and moving all of our equipment to the new space. Whatever donation you can afford – $10, $20, $50, $100, every little bit will help us get to our final destination. Click here to donate to help create the new Artisan’s Asylum.

    If you are or know of anyone interesting in funding us at a foundational level, please email us. We’d love to talk to them about how they can help found an entirely new type of creative community right here in Boston.

    And, finally… Celebrate with us in the new space!

    Save the date – Saturday evening, July 9th, Artisan’s Asylum will be having our one-year anniversary in our new space to celebrate our new beginning, and we want you to be there! Expect food and drink, exciting performances, a silent auction and exhibits of our members and students’ remarkable work – and a 25,000 square foot playground for your imagination.

    We’re counting on you to help us make this new venture a success.
    Take our renter survey now to express interest in rental space.
    Support our vision with a donation.
    Come celebrate with us July 9.

    Thank you all for your interest and involvement in Artisan’s Asylum this past year – I hope to see you soon.

    -Gui Cavalcanti
    President, Artisan’s Asylum