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  • Artisan’s Asylum renters featured on Engadget

    2012 - 06.21

    Engadget recently came in and took a tour of Artisan’s Asylum, with the purpose of tracking down as many cool gadgets and projects as possible. They’ve written up a bunch of great stories and took a lot of video of our renters, and we want to share them with you and help spread the word about the cool stuff going down here!

    Without further ado, check these guys out:

    WobbleWorks: Flapping ears and robotic dinosaur dreams

    Hexy: Hands-on with the adorable, affordable hexapod

    Solair Altius unmanned aerial vehicle

    Project Hexapod: Eyes-on with Gimpy, the (half-scale) giant robot leg

    Kikori CNC gantry router eyes-on

    Rascal Micro hands-on

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