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    Nasty Day? Come Inside and Make Something!

    2014 - 01.20

    It’s January, it’s cold and icy outside, the new year has begun. You may be thinking about your resolutions for this year: to try something new, to be more creative, to get out and be social, or to invest in yourself… or you may just be thinking about how many hours of indoor entertainment you’re going to have to plan to last all the way through March.

    Either way, Artisan’s Asylum classes are a great answer! Check out the list below for exciting January, February, and March offerings in woodworking, welding, machining, jewelry, glass, bicycle maintenance, CNC design and fabrication, electronicsprinting,… and more!

    Open Classes Starting This Week:

    Read on for a full list of January, February, and March classes currently accepting registrants: